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Aug 26, 2019
Jun 9, 2010
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Paul Lange

Moderator, from Suffolk, Essex Border

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Aug 26, 2019
    1. Brodie Jackson
      Brodie Jackson
      Haha, nah I had a giggle ;)
      Just didn't see it until tonight.
    2. Paul Lange
      Paul Lange
      I plan to stick a few photos in the gallery at some point but you could probably do an advanced search for posts started by me and quite a few would have a shot in them. I've just been a bit lazy in getting my photo's organised and then producing low res versions to upload. I'm really just a keen amature myself really. for inspiration have a look at member Larry Bolch's website, good info on here and also Vic Shaw is quite dedicated and has an excellent eye for composition. Also have a look at the work of Ansel Adams and Peter Lik.
    3. Dan Cattermole
      Dan Cattermole
      Hi Paul. I don't mean to come across like I want to criticise your work/photos in any way, but is there any chance I can have a look in what you do. ( maybe to help me out at the very least) I'm only an amature in comparison to many in the photography industry so my level of interest is at its pinnical.... lol thanks dude :)
    4. Dan Cattermole
      Dan Cattermole
      Hi paul. Thanks for dropping a few hints and tips about the landscape photo of mine. In all honesty, I really welcome any comments as I've only got into photography at the start this year. to mention how the highlights don't match the colours of the sky is something I didn't pick up on, and something that will stick in my head on post editing from today. I suppose when you are using a graduated red filter lens it doesn't quite get that 'real feel' and can play with the highlights (as I now can see) I might just have another fiddle with it to see if i can make it more...natural. paul..... your a legend, thanks
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