Critique Welcomed A Chance Meeting....

Discussion in 'Animals and Wildlife' started by Kev Pugh, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    ...with Toad of Toad Hall, that's why he isn't wearing his Waistcoat ;)


  2. Glenn Clabo

    Glenn Clabo Well-Known Member

    Nice shot Kev. careful...that toad looks horny.
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  3. Chris Dodkin

    Chris Dodkin West Coast Correspondent

    I see what you did there Glenn! :D

    Lovely shot Kev - just enough DOF, and I like the jaunty angle
  4. Beth Anthony

    Beth Anthony Well-Known Member

    wonderful kev! i like the angle too.
  5. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    Oh, what a lovely little chap. We get a fair number of toads in the garden and I love them. I really like the rich colour and the angle you've used here :)
  6. Rense Haveman

    Rense Haveman Well-Known Member

    Did you try to kiss him, to see if he would change into a prince/princess? One never knows!

    Great capture!
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  7. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    It's his familiar I reckon. Burn him! ;) Not the toad though! :)
  8. Julian de'Courcy

    Julian de'Courcy Well-Known Member

    tHat is a cracking shot Kev. Love the tones and colour. One thing for sure. he/she is looking at you.
  9. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    Thanks each

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