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  1. Shaun Haselden

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    4.7 miles from my home is a place known locally as Horseshoe Point. This place is close to a village known as North Cotes where there used to be an RAF missile base. The coast here is a mixture of estuary mud and salt marsh and is a place of special scientific interest. Is is everything you would expect from a river estuary in the UK and is quite desolate and lonely. Here are a few shots taken on Sunday 9th June 2019.

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  2. Chris Dodkin

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    Lovely big skies out there Shaun - great in bnw
  3. Shaun Haselden

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    Yes Chris many people who visit us comment on the huge skies but that comes at a price. The landscape is amazingly flat with most of the coastal areas we live in being below or close to sea level. I love the combination of the clouds, the sky and the land. I love waiting for an age for the clouds to become just right for the shutter click and then seeing the result when the levels are adjusted in Photoshop. Knowing that given multiple lifetimes that set of particular circumstances may never occur again. We are so lucky.
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    Super sense of place in these Shaun.
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