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    Balderdash and Piffle.

    Full disclosure time: I'm at least partially responsible for the naming of this area of RPA!
    It goes back to the time Hamish and I were very active on a different forum based on discussions about hifi. He had a thread entitled 'Hamish's Trivia Thread' or something similar and he used it as a place to vent his spleen and generally comment about life and how we live it. One particular day, elsewhere on the forum, there was a rather animated battle...fight...war...blood letting...err...gentlemanly discourse on the subject of some bits of wire or something similarly earth shattering and I decided to have nothing to do with it. So, I trundled over to Hamish' thread to try to begin a discussion about nothing in particular. I absent-mindedly looked for a dictionary definition of 'balderdash' as that was the only thing I could think about after reading the previous nonsense. Quoting the definition (which contained the word piffle) had Hamish demanding that we should change the name of his thread to 'Balderdash and Piffle'.

    That thread was brilliant!

    Hamish told me that when he built RPF, off topic was the second forum area that he put together and, of course, it had to called 'Balderdash and Piffle'!

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