Critique Welcomed Bridlington UK South Bay

Discussion in 'Landscape and Architecture' started by Shaun Haselden, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Shaun Haselden

    Shaun Haselden Active Member

    OK so having just relocated within the UK to yet another coastal town, I thought I would put the camera gear to good use yesterday (6th November 2019) as it was such a stunner of a day. Shot at the south bay in Bridlington using my 14mm ultra wide, please forgive the rather obvious flare caused by such a lens. If these images were to be entered into a competition they would deserve heavy criticism. I've done these in colour as I feel they looked way more vibrant than the B&W conversions.

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  2. Rhonda Smith

    Rhonda Smith Active Member

    My favourites are 1 and 4. Nice lighting. #2 was a bit lopsided . ( I have to always remind myself about the horizon line)/ # 3 I think would have done much better in B/W. Nice series.
  3. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    Gorgeous light and shadow, Shaun and the 'flare' doesn't disturb me at all, and in fact I think it adds to the feel of the lighting.
  4. Beth Anthony

    Beth Anthony Well-Known Member

    great series, i really like #2.

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