Hill and Adamson's House

Discussion in 'Landscape and Architecture' started by Rob MacKillop, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Rob MacKillop

    Rob MacKillop Edinburgh Correspondent

    The first photographer's studio in Edinburgh - the cottage in the foreground:


    Hexar, Delta 400. If the focus looks a little soft, I was getting blown all over the place by a very strong wind, despite the trees and shrubs looking still!

    Compare with a medium-format shot taken at the same time here: http://realphotographersforum.com/forum/threads/edinburgh.24012/
  2. Aaron Quinn

    Aaron Quinn Active Member

    I find I prefer the tones in this shot but prefer the perspective of the other.

    I never shot anything other than standard drug store film with my film camera's back in the '90s as I just didn't understand the importance but I'm assuming the difference I'm seeing is because of the different types of film used?
  3. Rob MacKillop

    Rob MacKillop Edinburgh Correspondent

    Well there are many variables, not least the camera and lens, but certainly the film and how it is processed will make a significant difference. I like to experiment with different films every now and then, as they bring out different details.
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  4. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    A fine view, Rob and the softness doesn't detract I don't think. I'll get to the other shortly I suspect.
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