Large qty of studio equipment just arrived

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  1. Paul Waller

    Paul Waller New Member

    From one of my long standing customers I have bought a very large amount of studio related equipment.
    All is boxed and in a near new or unused condition.
    It includes a selection ofElinchrom Rotalux sofboxes up to the 190cm Octa,plus stand ,snoots ,barn doors ,mini spot, focus 18-36 zoom spotlight.
    spot and much more. Plus large manfrotto still life table,Boom arms lots of Bowens accs, Redwingboom,
    Arrived 650plus spot, Lastolite cubelite,uplighters Elinchrom ChicS2,photoflex,lowell dp.
    Plus a mint boxed Sinar P2 5x4 body plus 90mm Xl 150mSymmar s, and an 240mm APO-symmarF5.6 in
    Copal 3 Boxed as new, zoom back 2 ,reflex viewer plus lots more.
    Also just bought a collection of as new Nikon lenses.details are on my website COMMERCIALCAMERAS.CO.UK. Please feel free to call me on 01694 722202 with any questions.
  2. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    It does sound an interesting (and tempting) selection. So far I managed to resist the Sinar: four would be just too greedy though! ;)

    I'll try and do a write-up on the Hugo Meyer lenses while I'm malingering at home!

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