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  1. Shaun Haselden

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    When I moved away from Lincolnshire in October of last year I thought I had deserted my very own 'Bomber County' and it's legacy of WWII but no, a day or so ago I visited the site of RAF Catfoss here in East Yorkshire and took a series of images one of which is included here. My family has an RAF history from before and during WWII at what was RAF Grimsby so I love visiting these places.

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  2. Dave Farnes

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    That is a great picture. A feel of peace and desolation in what was once a place of activity and war. The sky is beautiful.

    My uncle was a RAF mechanic during the war, spent much of it stationed in Northern Ireland, and I used to work with a guy who was a mechanic in the Luftwaffe. It is a strange world!
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  3. Pete Askew

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    I agree, full of atmosphere.

    My father was in the RAF in WWII. He was an airfield controller based in Ceylon (as was) on the temporary airstrips cut into the jungle to allow torpedo raids.
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