Mamiya 645 1000s + 5 lenses

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  1. Steve Boykin

    Steve Boykin Well-Known Member

    I am going to listing all my cameras/lenses that don't sell locally. This may be cost prohibitive for shipping overseas.

    Mamiya 645 1000s
    Lenses= 35mm F.35, 55mm F2.8, 80mm f2.8, 150mm F4, 210mm F4
    Hand grip + right angle viewfinder

    $400 US + shipping

    Everything working. Meter is probably off by 1/2 stop. I checked it against my Pentax Spot meter. I never used the on board meter.

    My Fuji gear is all sold but for two zooms (10-24 and 16-55 F2.8). I may have a local buyer for those. I have two Nikons FM2's + lenses, a really good Lester Dine + ring flash in a Nikon mount, a Tamron 90mm Nikon mount adapt all, Pentax Spot Meter, and all three Sigma Merrills + extras. I should know by the end of the day if they are sold locally. If not I will list them here first before Ebay.

    I unfortunately have a $10,000+ dental bill (that's with insurance :() and I'm just not doing photography anymore. THANKS for looking!!!!

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  2. Julian de'Courcy

    Julian de'Courcy Well-Known Member

    Steve sorry to hear this and hope all works out well for yourself. I am not in the buying mode or not for camera's at least, hope you get decent prices.
  3. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

    Sorry to hear that you're having difficulties, Steve. Also sorry that you're backing out of photography. That's a shame because you are a good photographer. Good luck with everything.
  4. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    What's wrong with soup?! ;)

    Hopefully the bug will re-bite! I miss your work.

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