Marketgate Shadows

Discussion in 'Street' started by Chris Bennett, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    Out with a camera yesterday, I happened upon a place I know well, but this time, it was putting on a great light and shadow show.

    One colour and another black and white...

    Marketgate Shadows 1.JPG

    Marketgate Shadows 2.JPG
  2. Rob MacKillop

    Rob MacKillop Edinburgh Correspondent

    Did you shout, "Hey, Ewe!"

    Sorry, I can never resist a bad pun.

    Really good situation to capture interesting characters, although the first guy is looking a bit sheepish (oops, sorry again!).

    It's another phone box situation. I'm sure you'll come up with equally as good and interesting shots.
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  3. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    You can't beat a good pun Rob.
    I was a bit miffed, however to see that you stole my natural reply to your first one. I shan't attempt to make another one though, as there must be flocks of people who might not like this type of puerile humour. We wouldn't want to ram it down their throats, would we?
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