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  1. Witold Janik

    Witold Janik New Member

    I did recently a focus stacking, with quite good results. I will show some results but first I have to publish an article. What kind of lenses could be used with this microscope? As far I understand the focal length of it is 250, so I can't use typical 160mm, but can I use ones mareked with infinity?

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  2. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    Infinity objectives certainly will not focus. Objectives designed for a tube length of 160 mm will probably suffer from quite a bit of spherical aberration, but will produce an image I would think. If it were the other way round you could build in a tube extension. I did a quick experiment though to see what impact tube length had on the image.

    This is an image of a stage micrometer (10 µm su-divisions) taken using a 10/0.24 PZO objective designed for a 160 mm tube length (borrowed from the phase contrast set on a Wild M20). As you can see, there is no spherical aberration or significant colour fringing. There is a slight hint of birefringence, but that is probably because I did not want to disturb the DIC setup. So at this magnification at least using a 160 mm tube length objective on the MeF2 worked Okay.

    MeF2 160 TL-1.jpg
  3. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    The birefringence was bugging me and so I removed the DIC unit and re-took the image (note the magnification will be 1.25 X less due to that). Birefringence has gone and so it was due to the polarisers in the DIC unit.

    MeF2 160 TL-2.jpg
  4. Witold Janik

    Witold Janik New Member

    Great! Thank You very much...welll PZO is made in Poland - Polskie Zakłady Optyczne ....:) I have to try those, they should have a good quality.
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  5. Witold Janik

    Witold Janik New Member

    On second photograph You have a lot of dust specs. Try to apply change that I did. I managed to buy Reichert adapter (for 20 euro :)) and i just put the lens PHOTO x5 in the 3rd light path and then adapter on it (Photographs) . After that change crystal clear image. The DIC is the prism block? if not show me what You mean by that (differential interface contrast)...




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