Sanannah dawn

Discussion in 'Flora' started by Rudi Venter, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Rudi Venter

    Rudi Venter New Member

    As the first rays of the morning sun strikes the grass on the African plains the tiny dew drops sparkles like diamonds.


    This images caught my eye while I was getting ready for an early game drive looking for Rhino.

    Nikon D3X, 70-200 VR f2.8 at 200mm, f2.8 and 1/100 sec

    Thanks for looking!
  2. Darren Turner

    Darren Turner XProPhotographer

    that is sooooooo funny........we in uk go looking for squirrels, & go looking for RHINO...........Awesome, i am so envious.!!!! If we want to see rhino it cost s £25 for zoo entrance haha

    As for the image WOW another cracker from you, i like how the sun makes the dew drops sparkle

    Good Work

  3. Rudi Venter

    Rudi Venter New Member

    Thanks Darren!

    The fellow below, and the rest of his family, lives less than 5 km from my house! And no, it is not in a zoo!


    He sure has a bad temper, here he is getting up from his "siesta" to chase me, time to MOVE!
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  4. Darren Turner

    Darren Turner XProPhotographer


    What a beast.............whats your address again i am just booking a
  5. Ralph Thornton

    Ralph Thornton Well-Known Member

    See, there are many, many extreme photographers only not all of them get on the Weather Channel. Nice work Rudi.
  6. Rudi Venter

    Rudi Venter New Member

    Anytime Darren :)

    Thanks Ralph!
  7. Paul Lange

    Paul Lange Moderator

    Thats a lovely shot of a rhino Rudi. I think about about 5KM away there lives a woman who looks a bit like that but for me it's mostly squirrels, cats, small birds etc. We do have the odd dear but they tend to stay well away from people.Oddly they don't seem to have the same issue with cars and keep running out in front of them!
  8. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    i was saying this to hannah when we went to kenya ...
    it was weird how we managed to get bored of zebra and various dear like critters so quickly ... as if they were like how we see rabbits etc over here ... we just wanted to see lions and and the like as they were harder to find ...
    of course now, id love to have the opportunity to take a photo of a zebra in the wild again ...
  9. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    ... ... that aside ... i love the first image!
    although if being a critic i might have reduced the level of blue in the green in the foreground to make the colour a sit a bit nicer with the background ... ?

    that rhino is sat and has an expression on its face like one of my 4 week old puppies!
  10. Rudi Venter

    Rudi Venter New Member

    I must admit that I mostly prefer the smaller animals, how many photos of the "Big five" can you take?

    Other than a Buffalo the Rhino has one of the worse tempers out there, fortunately it's eyesight is rather poor so they are not that difficult to evade! Then there is the Hippo, whatever you do don't get between it and the water when it goes for a walk. Hippo kill more humans in Africa than any other mammal!

    I see your point Hamish, will try a version with the blue toned a bit down. I initially liked the blue as it portrays the cold from the (Autumn) night before against the heat of the day ahead but I agree without it the overall image would be more pleasing.....

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