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  1. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    We used to do a lot more themes ... so i thought Id start them up again for the newer members!

    This one is "Vintage Post Process"

    If we could have all the images posted in this thread with a little bit on the pp that you have done ...
    Think "vintage" in both pp and subject

    we will then all judge a winner and said winner will receive a little badge of honour saying they won a theme by their name ... (a feature I'm currently working on)

    Im not entering, but here is an example you may or may not have seen


    taken on the Iphone and edited in snapseed ... thats the cheap and cheerful way of doing it ... Im intersted to see if anyone can come up with anything using "proper" software!

    I might pop up with more examples, but as I say, I'm not entering the competition as such

    Ill keep this running for a couple of weeks and see how we get on!
  2. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

    OK,..so this is basically digital (or, I assume, film) images PPd for vintage appearance,...right?
  3. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's the plan :)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Vintage subject matter is an option but will score more points with me! :)
  4. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

    What about an old fotie scanned?
  5. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Nah, this is about faking a vintage look Brian
  6. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

  7. Davie Hudson

    Davie Hudson Well-Known Member

    hmmm i'm fancying this
  8. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    There is apt of this arround at the moment...
    i thought it might be interesting to see people's take on it and make hear people's techniques for achieving the effect!
    Im hopeing a few people might have a go and we can explore different methods etc before eventually choosing a winner!
  9. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

  10. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    OK - I've had a go, but I'm not sure I can remember what I did. There are old photo effects in Nik Color and Silver Efex, but in the interests of doing a proper job, I haven't touched them. Erm... photograph taken about five years ago in black and white. Tone added selectively using control points. Colour selected later and used to create extra stained effect. Slight vingette added, but by hand, so quite off centre. Contrast reduced, but I changed a lot of controls to compensate so it didn't end up looking too flat. Levels adjustment in CS5 with blacks lightened a tad. Lighter adjustment layer for some selective edge fading. A stronger adjustment layer to add scratches by hand at differing strengths and sizes. Image not sharpened, but micro contrast used to enhance the grain.

  11. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    Excellent Lesley - looks pretty authentic. :)
  12. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    A cracking first entry Lesley! Set the bar high why don't you ...
    it never occured to me (stupidly) that this would attract this sort of image ... I guess we are so bombarded with "lomo" style vintage that this sort of vintage didn't even enter my head! Glad you posted it!!
  13. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    You know - I was cleaning the ferret room this morning and wondered if I had gone in the wrong direction. I don't use any other forum, so I probably don't see the other images you are referring to :)
  14. adrian jordin

    adrian jordin Member

    Vintage Post Process - 'KAREL'

    I'd normally use Topaz for vintage effects, purely on the basis that t's quicker, and gives more scope for experimentation. However, since Lesley did without her Nik software, I'll continue the trend and do this purely in Photoshop. Although I used CS5, I don't think there's anything here you can't do in any other version, even Elements.

    First the end result...

    image1006_001 by jordin57, on Flickr

    And the process....
    - open the (colour) original and duplicate the layer,
    - Image - adjustments - desaturate to give a monochrome image,
    - Add a blank layer on top and fill with a suitable sepia-ish colour. Set the blending mode of this layer to Overlay,
    - Add a levels adjustment layer on top and adjust the levels to taste,
    - Add another blank layer on top of these, then using the Eliptical Marque tool select an are roughly in the middle of the image. Adjust its size and postioning till it includes most of the main subject. (It doesn't have to be perfect),
    - Select - Inverse then select - modify -feather and set a large-ish value. The value will depend on the image size, I used 120 as a starting point but ended up at 90,
    - fill the selection with the same sepaia-ish colour as used in the fill layer.
    - Add a layer mask. set the foreground colour to black and click on the mask icon for this layer.
    - Select the paint brush and use a medium sized soft brush. Paint around the edges of the vignette to uncover any bits that have been hidden by it and which you want to show.
    - Finally, click on the monochrome image layer and from the filter menu add some nose (guassian, monchrome) to taste.

    I hope thats reasonably clear, I was trying to make it easy to follow for anyone not used to PS. Let me know if anything needs clarifying.
    (Its actually simpler than it sounds.)
  15. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    It's not the wrong direction Lesley, just not the one I expected ...
    this used to be the joy of these themes when we used to run them ... Have a look back through the themes and completions section ... We used to get a lot of stuff that was different people's interpretations of the theme ... It made them quite interesting realy ... Which is why I've started them up agian!
    anyone else is also free to start themes as they see fit realy ... I'm hoping to get this award system going that will hopefully lead to people getting recognised long term for winning them
  16. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Adrian, I've merged your thread ... I'd like to keep them all in the same place ... I didn't used to but I think it works better so we can look back easier!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Really nice shot by the way ... And great description of the process!
    Im not sure I'd be quite a heavy on the vignette, but it works!
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  17. Chris Dodkin

    Chris Dodkin West Coast Correspondent

    Here's one from this morning

    Addy plays with pavement chalk

    I figured it was an old school theme - no video games or iPads involved!

    Shot in color, used a 3 stop ND filter to allow me to shoot wide open at f/1.4 in sunlight for shallow DOF.

    pp to B&W in NIK SIlver FX

    Then toned sepia, and brightness adjusted to overexpose slightly - contrast reduced, and sharpness reduced to make it look more film like.

    Negative vignette applied to bleach the sides on the image - and a simple old style photo frame added, again in sepia/aged color.

    Thin black edge applied to define the image boundary for posting online.
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  18. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    Love this one Chris very well done from start to finish..:)
  19. Dave Green

    Dave Green Well-Known Member

    Here's one...

  20. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    Yep DG like this very much, brings back memories too, rain and wet lanes :)

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