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  1. Vic Shaw

    Vic Shaw Senior Member

    Oh yeah, I cannot figure out why people love them so much, I see people with them glued to their ears at 7 in the morning, what the hell is that important that time in the morning?. You never used to see people queuing outside phone boxes 20years ago at that time of day. You have all been made to believe you need them the power of advertising!!,, fight it I tell you.

    Next time you see a mobile phone advert on telly just listen to what they are telling you, I mean really listen.
  2. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Id be lost without mine, yes I use a lot of fairly pointless apps, but it helps me keep my business going! Withoutit I couldn't put things in a single diary that is updated on my business partners phones and computers simulatniously... I am also the sort of person that has to have everything writen down so I make constant lists and reminders as soon as they are required... These are also updated using Microsoft exchange with my google accounts ... It's genius!
    Not to mention that it is also the remote control for my hifi, my walk around emergency camera .... And I have an othello game that I can play against real people on that I play anytime I have 5 mins.... It brilliant! Brilliaaaannnt!! :)
  3. Vic Shaw

    Vic Shaw Senior Member

    I'm sticking with my two cans and a piece of string
  4. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Ref your sig..
    They must be really good pixies ... Maybe even mega
  5. Me n Vic both. I haven't even got a mobile. Hehehehehehe

    Back onto the subject, nice pic Daz. And the food's really good too!

  6. Chris Dodkin

    Chris Dodkin West Coast Correspondent

    Great shot - very nice composition.

    I'm really liking the HDR look - how does this psot-process work again?
  7. Darren Turner

    Darren Turner XProPhotographer

    it was 3 raw files edited in photomatix software then adobe cs4 tweaks....took it a while back now

  8. Paul Lange

    Paul Lange Moderator

    Lovely shot shame about the tarmac road though but it looks like there's no way taking the shot without including it.
  9. Darren Turner

    Darren Turner XProPhotographer

    i agree, but the building was built before the road.......lol The landlord at the time convinced the people who built the road down the valley to make the road go right past his front door, so they did........lol
  10. Paul Lange

    Paul Lange Moderator

    That seems like a "It seemed a good idea at the time" idea.

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