1. John Holland

    Flying High Above The Clouds

    On my way to Florida, I lucked out to a window seat and a clean window
  2. John Holland

    This Is Your captain Speaking ...

    We are about to depart. Please place your seat ... To quote "Airplane": "Don't call me Shirley"; "Rodger, Rodger"
  3. John Holland


    This is the cockpit of a 777-200. The pilots were preparing the plane for departure. Lots of screens, buttons, switches, ...
  4. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed On a Wing and A ...

    well, just a wing.
  5. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed F-22 Raptor

    I was at an airshow and they had a F-22 Raptor on display - the plane later showed off some of its amazing capabilities. I'll have more images of this amazing plane as I get them processed.