1. John Holland

    Scenic Alpine

    It was hard to stay on the path and not take a tumble with views like this all around. Tumbling off the path would be painful - especially if the alpine rescue crew had to be called :eek:. I did not want to see if the rescue crew included a Saint Bernard dog that brought you a small cask of...
  2. John Holland

    More From Switzerland

    More landscape photos from the Engelberg area of Switzerland In the clouds
  3. John Holland

    Mount Pilatus

    Mount Pilatus is a landmark sight just outside of Luzern. To go to the top, you take the ferry to Alpnachstad and then ride a funicular up to the top (with amazing views as you go up). Pilatus from the lake (early morning) The funicular up to the top & the view from the top I climbed...
  4. John Holland

    Mount Hahnen

    Mount Hahnen is a mountain to the east of Engelberg, Switzerland (overlooking Engelberg). It has an elevation of 2,606 meters (8,550feet).
  5. John Holland

    Cliff Walk

    There is a suspension bridge alongside a shear cliff at the top of Mount Titlis called the Cliff Walk. The young lady was not too sure about walking on the bridge (it bounces and sways as you, and others, walk on it). Her boyfriend/husband had to hold her has as they crossed. When she...
  6. John Holland

    Ice Cave

    This ice cave is found at the top of mount Titlis in Switzerland (near Engelberg). All the surfaces (including the floor) are solid ice. ISO 51,200
  7. John Holland


    Rotstöckli is a peak of the Urner Alps below the Mount Titlis. The deep blue sky is from the use of a polarizing filter (and crystal clear skies at 3,020 meters -- 10,000 feet).
  8. John Holland

    Pathway To The Alps

    This is one of my favorite scenes from my trip to Switzerland. This is located on Mount Stoos outside of Luzern.