1. John Holland

    Alpine Paragliding

    It was impressive to see 20 to 30 of these paragliders running a race through the valleys - all flying in a swarm.
  2. John Holland

    Scenic Alpine

    It was hard to stay on the path and not take a tumble with views like this all around. Tumbling off the path would be painful - especially if the alpine rescue crew had to be called :eek:. I did not want to see if the rescue crew included a Saint Bernard dog that brought you a small cask of...
  3. John Holland

    More From Switzerland

    More landscape photos from the Engelberg area of Switzerland In the clouds
  4. John Holland

    Flying With A View

    With views like this, it is hard to take a bad photo - it was nice of the two wispy clouds to position themselves so I would not have a plain blue sky. More alpine paragliding. This time in Engelberg, Switzerland
  5. John Holland

    The 10,000 Foot View

    Looking out from 10,000 feet A scenic view of the Alps Alpine Lake (Truebsee - it is 5,787 feet above sea level))
  6. John Holland

    Mount Hahnen

    Mount Hahnen is a mountain to the east of Engelberg, Switzerland (overlooking Engelberg). It has an elevation of 2,606 meters (8,550feet).