1. John Holland

    Don't Stop Climbing

    Until you find out what's at the top of the hill (or end of the path)
  2. John Holland

    Summiting Mam Tor

    During my visit to the UK, some friends took me around the Sheffield and Peaks District. One stop for the day was Mam Tor (its name means "mother hill"). It was the home for ancient Celtics over 3,000 years ago, and a fort was built on the summit. Today there is just a pedestal at the summit...
  3. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Staithes Harbor

    Scenes from Staithes Harbor (multi-frame images stitched together) The Life Boat Station The harbor - low tide Container ship passing by
  4. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Frozen In Time

    This is the clock / clock tower at the Manchester City Council building (4 frames stitched together). The sun did finally managed to chase away the overcast. and a B&W conversion/process
  5. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed The Co-op

    The Co-Operative Building in Manchester. Wandering about Manchester, I came up on this building (the Co-Op) that had a unique architectural style. So I tried a few different angles on it, and since the shy was not going to cooperate (overcast -- until the end of the day), I did some B&W...
  6. John Holland

    Whitby Harbor - 2

    Another view of the Whitby Harbor. This time from the other side of the harbor looking back toward the abbey ruins and church on the hill. This image is four frames stitched together and then run through a tone mapping process to blend together several exposure modifications to the resulting...