1. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Ol' One Eye

    Meet Fox. My daughter's cat. He's not actually that old (5, maybe) and he actually has two eyes,...both functional. An impromptu iPhone image from this morning. IMG_2704.jpg by brian moore, on Flickr
  2. John Holland

    Denizens of the garden

    I was visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in May and came across several denizens of the garden - Fox, Peacock, Iguana. The Royal Botanic Gardens is a wonderful place I and I could pends several days there
  3. Aaron J. Heiner

    Just for Show Rare Color Post

    From yesterday's Sakura Matsuri in DC. What really aggravates me is that this image came out of a brand new iPhone SE and not one of my Fuji X-Pro1s, or a newspaper issued Nikon D4 with that f/2.8 glass, but a frakking iPhone, and the worst part is that this is essentially SOOC minus resizing.