1. John Holland

    More from Konigsee

  2. John Holland

    Watzmann Mountain

    Watzmann is in southern Germany near Berchtesgaden, and is the third tallest mountain in Germany
  3. John Holland

    Berchtesgaden Meadows

    One of the meadows I came across while in Berchtesgaden, Germany
  4. John Holland

    High Chair

    This seat has a pretty good view, but getting there is a challenge (so is actually sitting)
  5. John Holland

    Fear The Hare

    Der Hase (The Hare). A bronze status (public works/art in Nuremberg, Germany) by Jürgen Goertz honoring Albrecht Dürer (a painter in Nuremberg, Germany 1471 - 1528) A closer look at the crazed eye
  6. John Holland

    Old Freising Church

    A 12th century church in Freising, Germany (near Munich) - St. Maria and St. Korninian. from the outside you would have no clue to the ornate decor inside
  7. John Holland


    Obersee is a natural lake that is only accessible by foot, and that is after a boat ride on Konigssee. Both lakes are located in the base of the Bavarian Alps near Berchtesgaden, Germany. The images below are multiple frames stitched together (shot with polarizing filter to cut the water...
  8. John Holland

    Regensburg - Along the Danube

    The Danube (or Donau) is Europe's second longest river (1,727 miles), flowing through ten countries; starting in Germany (at the confluence of the Brigach and Breg rivers; near the town of Donaueschingen) and empties out into the Black Sea. Regensburg lies on the Danube (medieval city center is...