green anole

  1. John Holland

    Lizard With Attitude

    I found this green anole trying to hide behind a twig. I went into the house to get the camera and see if I could capture a few images (I nabbed a few with the phone camera I'll post later on). Slowly I approached trying to minimize any sudden moves. I got into position and set up for the...
  2. John Holland

    Back to the lizards

    More Green Anole lizards pictures
  3. John Holland

    Green Anole Lizard

    Just hanging out in the palm - with a cautious eye on what is getting a bit close
  4. John Holland


    This (Carolina Green Anole) critter (and a few others) have perfect residence - no predators, and all the butterflies you can eat. This guy had just finished eating a butterfly that was part of a butterfly exhibit (butterflies from the tropics). I missed the action, and this shot is after the...
  5. John Holland

    Green Anole Lizard Lounging

    One of the green anole lizards that calls my backyard home
  6. John Holland

    Green Anole

    The lizards are going out from their winter hibernation (or maybe they migrated south for the winter). Last week I saw one shedding its skin (maybe it is this one??). I grabbed my camera and the macro lens to see if I could catch a few images.