kew gardens

  1. John Holland

    Dawn Redwood

    The gnarly texture of a Dawn Redwood trunk
  2. John Holland

    Kew Gardens Pond

  3. John Holland

    Kew Garden Flowers

    Unknown yellow flower Rock Rose
  4. John Holland

    Don't Mess With ...

    Canadian Goose "Bear Tree"
  5. John Holland


    From the Kew Gardens
  6. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Orange!

    Well, not the citrus. Rather it is a bromeliad - looking down into the flower
  7. John Holland

    Just for Show Japanese Water Fountain - the story

    During my visit to the UK in May of this year, I spent a few days in London. One of those days my wife and I went to the Kew gardens (Royal Botanic Gardens). As we walked around we came to the Japanese Gardens section. There I saw a nice water fountain with water coming out of a bamboo pipe...