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  1. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Three Views

    Three views of the bridge across the (now empty) water reservoir in the Well Tower of the Caernarfon Castle
  2. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Caernarfon Castle - Inside the Walls

    I have started processing the images from inside the walls of the Caernarfon Castle. Here is the Eagle Tower The view from Black Tower looking toward Chamberlain Tower (with the Queen's Tower and Eagle Tower in the background)
  3. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Caernarfon Castle

    I just got back from a two week trip to Europe. One of the stops I made was in Caernarfon, Wales to see the Caernarfon Castle. I did luck into some good weather for the sightseeing for this castle that was constructed in the late 1200's. This is what people think the finished strong hold...