1. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Lobster Traps

    Lobster traps stacked on the dock waiting for the season to begin (or the next trip out). I tried a B&W processing on this and then, went back and did a selective coloring of the B&W processed image - thoughts??
  2. John Holland

    199 Steps

    There are 199 steps from the bottom to the top (leading the the ruins of the Whitby abbey).
  3. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Whale Bones

    These are the jaw bones of a blue whale (the largest living creature in the world). These were erected in 1963 on a bluff overlooking the Whitby harbor to honor all the men of Whitby who braved the seas around the world.
  4. John Holland

    Eat Cake

    I would expect that there a good portion of the population would agree with the message this coffee shop had outside its door (probably not any physicians). As a side note, "The Walrus and the Carpenter" is a poem by Lewis Carroll - published in his book "Through the Looking-Glass" in 1871
  5. John Holland

    Whitby Harbor - 2

    Another view of the Whitby Harbor. This time from the other side of the harbor looking back toward the abbey ruins and church on the hill. This image is four frames stitched together and then run through a tone mapping process to blend together several exposure modifications to the resulting...
  6. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Whitby Harbor

    Whitby is a picturesque harbor town. I knew there was the remnants of an old Abbey on the hill over the town. Mike knew more about the town's history - I was surprised to find out the Captain Cook sailed from this harbor. This is the Whitby harbor entrance - the actual harbor is off to the...