1. John Holland

    Swiss Towns

    A couple of small towns (Wettswill and Bonnstetten) outside of Zurich - from Mount Uetliberg. I liked how the trees provided a nice frame for the image.
  2. John Holland

    Towering View

    One of Zurich's landmarks is the Uetliberg observation tower. Getting to Uetliberg is an easy train ride from the central station (I had heard that this particular train route is one of the steepest for standard gauge adhesion trains in Europe). from the train station, it is a short walk to...
  3. John Holland

    Stand Alone, Stand Tall

    We started at Mount Uetliberg (outside of Zurich) and walked along the ridge line of the Albis chain. We came across this lone tree sitting atop a small hill. Shortly after I took this image (actually several images to give a pano look) it was the site of a family picnic. It was a picture...
  4. John Holland

    Gone Fishin'

    It is said, that a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. I guess this guy had a bad day fishing on the Limmat river (which flows out of Lake Zurich).