Giving Up

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
Sorry, lads, I just have no passion for photography anymore, not for the last year. When I did go out with the camera I went through the motions of taking some shots, and one or two of them were quite interesting, but they gave me no joy.

These days I prefer taking binoculars out as we do our daily walk along the Forth river. You get to know the bird families and clans, see how they interact. And then there's the occasional migratory visitor to mix things up. And not for one second have I wished to 'capture' them with a stills or film camera. I'm just enjoying being among them.

Contemplating selling my Leica Q2 Monochrom for £3,500 - the money would come in handy. I've written to Ffordes in Inverness-shire asking about a part-exchange for some better binoculars.

I'll keep my Konica Hexar and some film for moments when I feel nostalgic about photography. And I'll pop in here sometimes to see what you are all up to.


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That is a shame, but I understand. I have been struggling for the last couple of years and have just started to work on some projects again (not quite enough to share though). Who knows, something might re-ignite that passion and so keeping the Konica is certainly a good idea and you have your phone for digital 'snaps'. Selling the Leica is probably sensible (says he who has never sold one of his cameras in his life an is now drowning in them!).

Do please keep dropping in though even if it is only to tell us about new instruments and how Rhona is getting on: how is she getting on by the way?
She's doing fine, thanks, with two part-time jobs in the textiles industry, and is getting commissioned work on the side as Self Employment. She hopes the latter will eventually take over, but that takes time to establish. She seems happy enough for the moment.
Gosh, Rob that's a shame.
I can understand going off the boil a bit, but I'm pretty sure you'll be back regularly behind a viewfinder at some time in the future though.
I'm glad to hear that you come back here from time to time, as your insightfulness is very much valued.
Please tell us about your new bins, too when they arrive!
I'm gutted! I've coveted that Hexar for a long time! Thought for sure you'd gift it to me as a token of our friendship upon your retirement!

Seriously,...I'm thinking back to our "conversation" on another platform some weeks ago in which we compared notes on our relative levels of enthusiasm for photography at that time. I never imagined it would come to this. You have a wonderful talent as a photographer, Rob. I have so often admired the art I see in your work and I will miss those moments. I sincerely hope you find your mojo again.
Thanks, Brian. Yes, my photography mojo has gone awol. Tired of most things, if I'm honest. Not depressed though, or stressed, just lack creative energy. These last few years have been difficult for almost everybody. I'm reading lots of books, though, mostly biographical, so I'm not completely disinterested in life. The last three show how eclectic my reading has become: biographies of Simon de Beauvoir, John Donne, and an autobiography by Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, which was more entertaining than I thought it might. One surprise cracker of a read was Whistler's Mother.

Thanks for the support. And I hope you keep doing all the great things you do!
I am sorry to hear that Rob. You have contributed a large number of very fine images here, I hope you do get
your mojo back at some time.
I do understand what you are saying, I find myself lacking in inspiration too, both in photography and life in
general at the moment. At a bit of a loss as to how the get it back myself.
My personal retreat is listening to live radio, a cheerful soul chatting away between selections of music
makes goood company.

Do take good care of yourself and your family.
I see this now Rob for the first time and I am truly sorry to see what you write. You do mention " I'm reading lots of books, though, mostly biographical, so I'm not completely disinterested in life." And that gives me at least pleasure in seeing. I at times have asked myself as I too have wondered about my photography, and whether to put them all on the shelf with their backs to me as if they say, Yes we did not manage to give you the pleasure we so much wanted you to have. We are ashamed" :rolleyes: But time changes and yes I do take pictures, and images if you may, wondering when seeing them, what's the point? Well, I hope as I feel, that those moments I engulf myself in what the English-speaking world calls shooting with the camera, is actually a moment of pleasure. Well to me it is and good riddance to what comes afterwards in many cases. Well, I hope you'll have many delights in life whatever it takes and photography is not everything to everyone. Watching life as you mention through binoculars is also a pleasure to me. But lastly, my kept images bring memories and smiles and I guess that is what I treasure most. As well as being on forums like this, kidding around sometimes for the gladness of it. So my last wish in my ranting to you is; let it not be long till your curiosity and creativity once again gives you the urge of taking pictures, if not for anything else but the pleasure of just doing it, making the whole world go away in the process. All the best to you and please tell me if you still publish any of your music Rob. From a Norseman in respect.