Critique Welcomed Infrared

Bill Watts

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An Infrared image of the Hamburg Planten und Blomen Taken at 680nm and at 950nm, Which do you think looks better?

Camera: Olympus E-PL1, full spectrum conversion
Lens: Olympus mZuiko 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
Filter: 680nm, 950nm
Exposure: f11, 1/200s, 200ISO.
680nm blue / red reversed in Affinity Photo 1

P4272035 (1).jpg

Now that is a tricky question. I normally prefer longer wavelength IR images rendered purely in monochrome as you have done here. However, in this case I really like the limited palette and mutone colours of the shorter wavelength capture.
I also prefer the 680nm but then again I had my gx85 converted to 590nm. I've typically been doing a red/blue channel swap on my IR shots but lately I've been experimenting with various color gradations.
I never understood the value of IR, sorry. But definitely the second version is too unnatural in the upper part branches. Just my 2c passing by.
I have always loved IR, monochrome on steroids. So I much prefer the monochrome, though the colour version has a feeling of an un-seasonal hoar frost that is effective. The colours from an early CCD sensor I find suit IR best in colour, retaining that other-worldly atmosphere as per this attached image.

03_typical C2000Z infrared result.jpg