Location ideas for a photo trip - Please help!!!!!!!

Andrew Kent

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Hi all,

I have a rare opportunity to go out for a 3 day, two night photo trip in May with my brother.

I have a manic life, and two young children, so this really is a rare and great opportunity.

Currently we are destination unknown!

We are thinking maybe Wales around the Brecon Beacons, although I have been there before, so somewhere else may be better for some new territory.

I have seen some good shots of the wrecked boats a Fleetwood Marsh near Blackpool. So that could be an option if we could find enough other stuff around there.

Wales keeps coming up trumps as destination though as there is Talgarth Asylum (Assuming it’s still standing?), as well as the usual landscapes.

I think there are some good light painting night opportunities at the old lime works at East Aberthaw:

The Old Lime Works | CDM Coordinator, BREEAM services in Cardiff, South Wales UK provided by Michael Cox and Company Limited

So that could be one of the evenings sorted.

I have seen around Flickr a few old Lime Quarry’s, but am unsure of the actual locations.
Does anyone know where “TP Lime works” is in south Wales?

Digging the scene [Explore] | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Urbex Photography explores TP Lime Works in South Wales!

Also, if any of you guys know of any other locations around south Wales area that could fill up the trip itinery, your suggestions would be gratefully received!

We are up for anything, Landscapes, Urbex, and any other random stuff.
I am very aware that we have set dates, so the weather cannot be relied upon to behave, so that puts a big gamble on any landscape photography ambitions for the trip. So other stuff like ruins, caves, Coastal are all welcome.
I have waterproof gear for the camera, so weather won’t stop me, in fact nothing can stop me! HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Anyways, any suggestions around these areas, in fact around anywhere within a 4 hour drive of Birmingham is music to my ears!

Hope you guys can point me in some interesting directions!?


Diggin the avatar Andy! :)

Google maps is my best friend! As you know, I don't read books, novels, peoms, or anything like that. In fact, I read a few magazines from time to time (classic cars/photog/New Science etc). but my main reading/studying feature, are MAPS! My wife thinks I'm sad, and so do many others. But I love it!! :)

Talgarth is turing into a right rotten dump now as many people are reporting back.
There is also the phantom tyre slasher going round for those who explore the interests of Talgarth Asylum.
There is a local chap who makes a dedicated habbit of this. ,'/

Have you ever though of The Duke of Lancaster based just outside of Chester. One of my top all time places to visit and I still haven't yet. This place looks epic!
Duke of Lancaster steamer used as blank canvas for graffiti artists who transform it from rusting wreck into colourful masterpiece | Mail Online

A place to visit maybe before/after going to Blackpool?? There aren't very many piccies of inside the Duke.... so good luck. :)

You might want to check out Barnes Hospital, if it's still standing
Barnes Hospital, Cheadle. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Providing that your heading in that direction...... but only a couple of recommendations for you :)

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Try puzzle wood?

Relating to Hamish's suggestion around that area.
and maybe clearwell caves?
Nice one Dan, Thanks for that.

Its a real toss up between Blackpool and South Wales at the mo.

More research required!!!!!
If you do Blackpool gimme a shout - I;m not far away and always up for a brew/pint/bit of toggery :)
I wish it had been painted when I was there last year, some of that art work is brilliant!

BTW you've just reminded me I haven't processed my shots from there yet:eek:.

Wow, Glen, please do show! :)
Wow, Glen, please do show! :)
They won't be up to much Dan I'm not as adventurous as you;).
They are just shots of the outside from places that aren't fenced off:eek:, but I'll see if I can sort a couple out to show you.
They won't be up to much Dan I'm not as adventurous as you;). They are just shots of the outside from places that aren't fenced off:eek:.

Oooooohh, still would be interest though. You've done it now Glen, can't back out of this now....... We are all interested. :D:D:D
Right folks?!