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Julian Tanase

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Late evening stroll while on a short holiday up in the mountains. Our small and coquette hotel was at some distance from the resort's center, so we walked. Good for heart, good for soul, I always say.

Passing very close to some private residences along the way, we noticed this party on the ground floor of one such residence. The party was in full swing, people having a good time. This cat was on the sill of the window, peering inside with an annoyed air to her. She seemed to be like "Come on, someone let me in, I want to join in the fun". I had my Nikkormat FT3 with me (APX 400) and took a couple of shots. This one came quite all right, given the slow shutter I had to use.

We left. I still wonder if the cat got into the house. Wish she did.​

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