Stuck in Quarantine

Art Meripol

On the day the US Government ended the Pandemic Emergency Covid finally caught me. I've been vaccinated and has so far avoided getting sick. I'm not feeling too bad but bored sitting still. So this morning I thought I'd play in the basement with light. I recently gave a 17X22" print to a friend and he gave me this lovely bottle. I thought it would be an excellent challenge to my lighting skills. Overall I was very happy with the result. One thing I wish I had done is removed the back label so I could push light through the bottle from the back to make the whisky glow more. Three lights. Two were strip lights behind the bottle on either side of the black backdrop. The third light above and in front of the bottle. That light was in a long narrow reflector. I blocked off the upper part of the reflector so it wasn't too hot on the top of the bottle. This is not my typical work. I am normally shooting editorial style portraits for magazines. Shot with Canon R5 and the RF 70-200 at 200. ISO 100 F.8 @ 200sec.My first time to post here. Found this through 35mmc.


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