1. John Holland


    My Brother-in-Law taking a photo of the sunrise - unaware that he is about to be engulfed in a flock of pigeons. A few minutes later
  2. John Holland

    Just for Show Life's A Beach

    A local Londoner, I am guessing, enjoying the Thames River beach (even has a bottle of wine)
  3. John Holland

    McWay Falls

    Down the coast from Monterey, California (along Highway 1 – Pacific Coast Highway), is a place called McWay Falls – inside the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Here you will find McWay Creek feeding McWay Falls, and ending on the beach in a nice protected cove (conveniently call McWay Cove)...
  4. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Golden Gate Bridge - part 2

    A continuation of my Golden Gate Photos. If you follow a path on the south end of the bridge down the coast a bit you come to a place called Marshall's Beach - near Helmet Rock. From here you get a different perspective/POV of the bridge