des moines

  1. Brian Moore

    C'mon man,...

    Des Moines Art Museum. Des Moines, Iowa. OM2n with Tri-X.
  2. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed The Iowa State Capitol Building

    This is a crop of an image I made several years ago. (I think I may have posted the original here on RPF,...not sure.) It's the capitol building reflected in the glass facade of a modernist office building down the road a bit. It was my first time in Des Moines and I was just driving in from...
  3. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Iowa State Capitol Building

    I visited Des Moines, Iowa recently for business and arrived in time to do a little sightseeing before sundown. Sundown comes fairly early there this time of year and I only had about an hour and a half of light to wander in, so I felt quite fortunate to find this area with some interesting...