dp1 merrill

  1. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed House, LeClaire Iowa

    LeClaire was the birthplace of William S. Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill. This is not his house. Sigma DP1 Merrill.
  2. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Altima Sunset

    Visited Houston on business a few months ago and arrived early enough in the day to make the drive down to Galveston just before the sun set. Drove my Nissan Altima rental car onto Galveston beach for a "product shoot." lol. Incredibly, the black car in the distance in the sunset shot looks...
  3. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed A Blue Hour Moment at The Milwaukee Art Museum

    The Milwaukee Art Museum is a wonderful building. (The art within ain't too bad either!) I visited in February of this year. The wing-like structure is called a "brise soliel." It retracts in the evenings or when the wind get up too high. Image made with a Sigma DP1 Merrill.
  4. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Pixels

    George Bush International Airport, Houston Texas. Sigma DP1 MacKillop.
  5. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Possibilities Beyond Measure-Convex Side

    Columbus State Community College, Columbus Ohio. Sigma DP1 McKillop
  6. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed A View of the dining pavilion at the Getty

    Sigma DP1 McKillop.