1. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed March of the Tulips

    They seem to me to have a martial bearing, at least to me. Hence the title. Tulips are a big thing in the Skagit Valley of Washington State (which is where I took this picture) and they're in full bloom this time of year. I used this one yesterday as my 59th weekly print for Ukraine. Sigma...
  2. John Holland

    Asiatic Lily (with hoverfly)

    Just as I finished setting up for this shot, a hoverfly (a marmalade hoverfly, I believe) decided that the pollen would make a great meal. I was happy to have the added bonus in the shot. I tried to get one capture with it flying/hovering, but it was not that cooperative (and refused any...
  3. John Holland

    Nigella (aka Love In A Mist)

    This neat flower starts out as a white flower with a tinge of blue at the ends of the petals. In a couple of days it turns all blue.
  4. John Holland

    Furry Poppy Bud

    The poppies are getting into the act as well
  5. John Holland

    Blooming Clematis

    Well, spring is showing off. 1/60 second, f/11, ISO 800
  6. John Holland

    Clematis Flower

    Clematis Blooms
  7. John Holland

    Red Poppy

    Poppy bud with "hat" Opened
  8. John Holland

    Red Poppy Bud (new image added)

    A poppy bud about ready to open
  9. John Holland

    Purple Anemone

    Spring is trying to make it way into my area. The daffodils are the early birds, and this anemone is right behind. I dusted off the camera gear (and figured out Photoshop again) to get ready for the spring and what it might bring.
  10. John Holland

    Lotuses or Loti

    More than one lotus
  11. John Holland

    Blue, Blue, Blue

    I came across a very blue hydrangea in Freising, Germany
  12. John Holland

    Star Gazing

    StarGazer Lily - very fragrant (EXIF information embedded in the images)
  13. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Purple Pansy

  14. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Orange Gerbera

  15. John Holland

    Kew Garden Flowers

    Unknown yellow flower Rock Rose
  16. John Holland


    From the Kew Gardens
  17. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Red Daisy Mum

  18. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Yellow Daisy

    Maybe this will brighten your day
  19. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Purple Daisy Mum

    Purple Daisy Mum
  20. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Purple Gerbera Daisy

    A purple Gerbera Daisy