golden gate bridge

  1. John Holland

    Golden Gate Bridge And Fort Point

    The Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point below
  2. John Holland

    Just for Show Changing Lanes

    The "Road Zipper" on the Golden Gate Bridge doing the morning lane adjustments (reverting from the morning rush to the normal lane assignments).
  3. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Suspended

    This is the suspension cable for the Golden Gate Bridge A B&W processed version
  4. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Next Port of Call -- San Francisco!

    My ship has come in! COSCO Guangzhou is a container ship; it was built in 2006. Length: 1,148 feet, Beam: 140 feet; It can hold 9,500 containers
  5. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Golden Gate Bridge

    I had the opportunity to make a trip to the San Francisco area. The weather was going to be sunny and warm (i.e. no fog, no rain - both common this time of the year). One of the items on my list was to get some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is from the bay side on the San Francisco...