1. John Holland

    Kew Gardens Pond

  2. John Holland

    Kew Garden Flowers

    Unknown yellow flower Rock Rose
  3. John Holland

    Don't Mess With ...

    Canadian Goose "Bear Tree"
  4. John Holland

    Just for Show Life's A Beach

    A local Londoner, I am guessing, enjoying the Thames River beach (even has a bottle of wine)
  5. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Palace of Westminster

    The Palace of Westminster (and other landmarks - Big Ben on top of Elizabeth Tower) From the London Eye A 11 image panorama Night time image Big Ben on top of Elizabeth Tower)
  6. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed Tower Bridge

    One of the sights I was able to see during my visit to London was the opening of the Tower Bridge - seen from the observation deck of the 20 Fenchurch building (aka Walkie-Talkie Building).
  7. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed The Shard

    The Shard as seen from the Millennium Bridge
  8. John Holland

    Critique Welcomed London Eye

    Three views of/from the London Eye