1. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Mona Meg

    A few years ago. Instax Mini 90. Window light.
  2. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Meg

    Santa Ynez, California. Olympus OM2n. Tri-X. Rodinal developer.
  3. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Meg

    Daughter No. 2. She came and sat next to me as I was loading my SX-70 with film. I liked the slicked back way she had done her hair and I told her "strike a pose." Polaroid SX-70 with SX-70 color film. Scanned on my Epson V500.
  4. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed She's Keeping an Eye on Me

    My daughter Meg as we dined in a restaurant a few years ago. Olympus XA3. Don't recall what film. Probably used a tumbler-pod.
  5. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed Fruit Thief

    My daughter, Meg, taking fruit from an overhanging tree. Olympus XA2 and Kodak Tri-X 400 processed in Rodinal.
  6. Brian Moore

    Critique Welcomed A portrait of my daughter, Meg

    I call it "Eye Contact." Olympus XA3 and Kodak Tri-X 400 processed in Rodinal.