1. John Holland


    Maybe it means "Mountain Graffiti"
  2. John Holland

    A River Runs Through It

    Well, ok, a small creek runs through it - just does not feel the same. A small alpine creek (Switzerland) that is heading toward the head of a waterfall
  3. John Holland

    Alpine Paragliding

    It was impressive to see 20 to 30 of these paragliders running a race through the valleys - all flying in a swarm.
  4. John Holland

    Scenic Alpine

    It was hard to stay on the path and not take a tumble with views like this all around. Tumbling off the path would be painful - especially if the alpine rescue crew had to be called :eek:. I did not want to see if the rescue crew included a Saint Bernard dog that brought you a small cask of...
  5. John Holland

    More From Switzerland

    More landscape photos from the Engelberg area of Switzerland In the clouds
  6. John Holland

    Flying With A View

    With views like this, it is hard to take a bad photo - it was nice of the two wispy clouds to position themselves so I would not have a plain blue sky. More alpine paragliding. This time in Engelberg, Switzerland
  7. John Holland

    River Reuss & Nadelwehr

    The River Reuss (flows out of lake Luzern and eventually merges with the Rhine River) flows over the Nadelwehr (Needle Dam). The actual dam is currently lying flat on the river bottom. When raised via the chain it diverts the river into a channel in the background. The river is running at a...
  8. John Holland

    Covered Bridge

    The Covered Bridge (Kapellbrucke) in Luzern shot early in the morning with Mount Pilatus in the background
  9. John Holland

    The 10,000 Foot View

    Looking out from 10,000 feet A scenic view of the Alps Alpine Lake (Truebsee - it is 5,787 feet above sea level))
  10. John Holland

    Dog On The Tower

    During our visit to Switzerland, we went to Stanserhorn for some hiking. We went up the cable car (it was the double-decker cable car). One the way back down, the cable car stopped at one of the cable towers, and someone got on board the car (we thought that was a bit strange). Well I went...
  11. John Holland

    Alpine View

    A view of the Alps (a 15 frame panorama. This will print out at over 18"x54")
  12. John Holland

    Mount Pilatus

    Mount Pilatus is a landmark sight just outside of Luzern. To go to the top, you take the ferry to Alpnachstad and then ride a funicular up to the top (with amazing views as you go up). Pilatus from the lake (early morning) The funicular up to the top & the view from the top I climbed...
  13. John Holland

    Mount Rigi

    Mount Rigi is nearby Luzern. To get there, you take a ferry to Vitznau and then you ride a cog rail car to a station near the top. The cog rail cars are pulled up the track by a gear on the car that meshes with the track between the two wheel rails
  14. John Holland

    Swiss Towns

    A couple of small towns (Wettswill and Bonnstetten) outside of Zurich - from Mount Uetliberg. I liked how the trees provided a nice frame for the image.
  15. John Holland

    Mount Hahnen

    Mount Hahnen is a mountain to the east of Engelberg, Switzerland (overlooking Engelberg). It has an elevation of 2,606 meters (8,550feet).
  16. John Holland

    Nadelwehr (Needle Dam)

    This Nadelwehr (Needle Dam) is on the Reuss River in Luzern. As you can see the river is flowing at a pretty good clip.
  17. John Holland

    Luzern Lion

    The Luzern Lion Monument (or the Lion of Luzern ) is a carved rock relief in Luzern, Switzerland. It was designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen; carved by Lukas Ahorn in 1820 to 1821. It commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution, when revolutionaries stormed...
  18. John Holland

    Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) - Luzern

    Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) is one of the landmark sights to see in Luzern. Originally built in 1365, it suffered a near disastrous fire in 1993 - it was repaired and reopen in 1984. Originally the bridge was over 270 meters (890 feet), now it is 204.7 meters (672 feet). it is the oldest...
  19. John Holland


    These young calves were very friendly (yet cautious - they would let me get only so close; and I made sure mom was not anywhere near). Even at a young age, they are fitted with their Swiss cow bells.
  20. John Holland

    Cliff Walk

    There is a suspension bridge alongside a shear cliff at the top of Mount Titlis called the Cliff Walk. The young lady was not too sure about walking on the bridge (it bounces and sways as you, and others, walk on it). Her boyfriend/husband had to hold her has as they crossed. When she...