127 colour film - processing as BW film

Julian Tanase

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Hello everyone!

A friend of mine asked me to develop this film for him; it's a colour film negative, 127 format, CNS2, no idea about how old is it, when it was shot, how was it kept, nothing at all basically. Colour processing is out of question, for a number of reasons. The film is very old stock, but the photographs on it were taken recently with a KVP camera. I would assume the film is from 60s - 70s, just to be at about the half of the period it was on the market, I guess.

Now, I had my fair share of processing colour film (various formats) as BW, but I knew what was their story. No idea with this one, so I am asking the more knowledgeable community here to try and assist me with this, if possible. Perhaps someone recognize the roll as some type or other?


As developers go, I have quite a good selection. I'm leaning towards Rodinal (high dilution) or HC110/B, but of course other may differ.

Thank you in advance !​
Thank you, Chris, appreciated. I have developed the film, and if you do not consider the brownish mask still on the negative, it came out pretty interesting. Out of 12 exposures, 10 are plainly visible upon holding the strip in front of a light. I need to run this through an enlarger, but I can tell there is a chance of some interesting photographs.

Fingers crossed :)
So the film was developed, and it came out rather viewable, at least against a good light source. The mask plays tricks as it usually does with colour film processed as bw. I managed to get one frame, by means of digital camera with a Nikkor 55/2.8 macro.

filters (3).JPG

But...I need to take this to the enlarger, because it is obvious the digital copying it does not provide the best results.