A Few Wedding Shots

David Crosbie

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Was recently asked to do a wedding as a sort of favour for my boss. It was his gift to the happy couple, and they were basically doing their wedding on a shoestring budget, so offered to do it on the cheap.

Was my first chance to really see how consistent the results could be from the 5D

At the end of it all, came out with 100 solid images that will go to print for them.




and one slightly vintagey looking B&W film shot, taken on the worst old film camera I had lying around:

Nice shots, and slightly less "saccharine" than some, though that is a matter of taste and for some couples saccharine would be good! I speak as a layman, not as a wedding photographer of course.
I fo like the B&W one, apart from the relaxed feel to it without that uncluttered backdrop it wouldn't have worked so well
I like them,there is somthing nice about the lighting in the first 3... and I like the fact that for one of them you use a crap lens on an old camera to get a result that you like
Before digital became widely available we had a Canon EOS camera in work that was used to document shipments being sent overseas. I remember the lens on that being absolute crap; soft, dark pictures with little contrast. A little ironic that such a camera and lens which is technically light years more advanced that early cameras can be used to get a similar effect.