Critique Welcomed Abstract abstract (The World Reimagined)

Peter Roberts

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The World Reimagined is, to quote from its prospectus, A series of giant globes, each adorned with a unique artwork [which] aims to transform how we understand the transatlantic slave trade and its impact on all of us.

Now, I wouldn't normally go out of my way to view art that has an overtly expressed agenda, laudable and well intentioned though it may be. However, last summer some of the globes were displayed on the green space outside the National Maritime Museum and we came across them by chance when we happened to be in Greenwich one evening. In the fading light this one in particular caught my attention.

Minolta XD7 / Rokkor 50mm f1.7 / Tri-X / Rodinal

To me it was the large chalk globe that hung in the Geography Room at school. To my daughter it was an Aubrey Beardsley pen and ink drawing. Both impressions are apt, albeit tangentially so.
A strong image. One 'world' depicting the romanticised version of great sailing ships on the high seas, the other being the stark, brutal reality. The oppressor and the oppressed.
(Apologies to all if this misinterprets this in any way.)