Another few from a 2nd roll of Kodak Gold 200 through the Perkeo 2

Gary R. Smith

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Like the earlier shots from the Voigtländer Perkeo 2, the scans were 4832 x 4760 (@ 72dpi) while these have been reduced to 1800 x 1774 (@ 300dpi). I metered these rather than use "sunny 16". Some were OK, others didn't impress me. All have been "worked on" in post.
01 - small.jpg

04 - small.jpg
10 - small.jpg
11 - small.jpg
You have some nice pictures in this set, Gary. I particularly like the beach scene with the horizon in the middle of the frame.

Could be wrong but I feel a touch of contrast could help these images. But they're nice as they are, too.

By the way I don't see the black and white versions previous responders have mentioned. (Maybe they're in a separate post?)