Are you willing to loose?

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Its said that there are two types of people in the world; winners and losers.
That might be the case but I prefer to think of it as people who are willing to loose and people who aren't.

I play, and am addicted to a othello game on the iPhone called ireversi. I won't bore you with the rules etc if you know it, you know it, if you don't, look it up.

Now this othello game has a resign button. It seems to have become acceptable to just quit when it gets a bit difficult... This winds me up something chronic... If you are going to start playing a game, gave the decency to finish what you started!

I have played games where there are 2 moves left for the opponent 1 that will make them loose and the other that will make them win. They haven't seen the one that will make them win so they quit.

I always play to the end, I don't even care that much if I win, obviously I want to win, it would be pointless playing if I wasn't driven to win the game, but if I loose, so be it.

It is my experience that you learn more from something lost than you do from something won. If you quit a game, you can't learn from observing the moves of your opponent ... So don't quit!

I'm happy to loose, and watch my self loose, I'd rather win, but at least if I loose I hopfully get something out of it that might help me win in the future

So yeah, as I said, there are 2 types of people; people like me, who are happy to loose in a hope they will get better to eventually win more... And people who aren't... And just as part of getting this off my chest as it's been bugging me for ages ... People who aren't willing to loose get right on my nerves!
They don't get anything from quitting, I don't get the satisfaction of winning the game properly, so basically because of what they do... Everyone looses! Plonkers!
I hate to lose, I used to play a game called Air Attack a WWii flight sim and I was pretty damn good at it. I played from 1998 to around 2003. As it was a WWii flight sim it had a certain unwritten code one of these was no runway killing. I would generally play in the free for all area and flew a spit 5 , slow but a great turning plane as I loved to turn fight. A lot of people would fly 109's, no good at turning but great at 'boom and zoom'. Quite often the 109 guys would jump me and 90% of the time I was able to make them miss and as they 'zoomed' off after the 1st pass I would be able to get a hit on them. At which point they would try to make a landing to repair. I was more then happy to kill them on the runway. My reasoning being that they had engaged me 1st so the fight was on. It's not my fault the couldn't do it 1st pass.

Now I play WWii OnLine and I still hate to lose. I hardly fly in this game, maybe 90% of my time on the ground, 8% in the Navy with a little air combat if I'm in the mood. In the Navy you can take a Destroyer out, this sometimes involves an hour or more sailing round looking for targets, when you do find a battle, due to the nature of the game engine (unlike any other out there) your guns can be destroyed so you are defenceless. When this happens I'll always just sit there and wait for the other guy to fully sink me, as I feel this is the right thing to do and I hate it when a guy despawns on me after I have killed his gunners.

A lot of people in WWiiOL who played ATG or AAA used to despawn after you had shot at them, now considering these guys would sometimes be between towns and it had involved a bloody long walk to track them down. They were after all on supply interdiction and would be ambushing unsuspecting players( I love doing this myself BTW :) ) . This would really wind me and a lot of other players up. Lucky for us we have great game developers who saw this and added a 10sec despawn timer. So now you have time to kill them :). There also used to be a problem with people hitting Alt-F4 these would be mainly pilots, again the game developers have disabled this.

So although I hate to lose, I like to give the satisfaction to my opponent of 'beating ' me as I feel it's the proper thing to do. After all the guy may have invested an hour or so of his game time.

The moral of this story is, stop playing Othello and come join WWiiOL where the game developers care.
I have no iDea and not in my head.

Edit: I in no way mean that in a political way.
ah The Victor I remember that although I used to love thesmall comics you used to get and in fact still can Commando i think it was called