Beautiful days 2010

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Had a great Festy this year, It only rained (bloody heavy) Sunday night, but I was too drunk to care and got soaking wet. I thought I'd post a few shots that I've managed to process so far.


Didn't stay for the whole set. He came across as a little pompous so I went to watch Bellowhead instead, but the wife was tired so I didn't get to see them.


Lupen Crook.

Great band, they also did some stuff around the site. Just pushing a cart around setting up and playing some acoustic stuff.


63 High.

A Greek Ska band, Another great band good fun.


Some Festy goers that make Beautiful Days one of the best small Festivals around.






Right! Thats it! My Cropredy pics go in the bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great captures there, Vic. Bellowhead closed Friday at Cropredy and were a lot of fun!