Best CF (Compact Flash cards) for money???

Dan Cattermole

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Looking to upgrade my poxy kingston 1gb flash card thats currently in my olympus.

The trouble is, is that its takes between 3-5 secs per RAW shot, and to be honest. its taking a toll on my patience.

I've heard about UMDA and its supposed to proccess alot faster depending on the speed X something or another. I'm not looking on spending a fortune and I'd be happy to settle with either 4gb or 8gb, just as long as I don't have to make a brew, have my dinner and do the shopping to kill time after I've taken a shot. lol

I've also noticed that when I'm creating my Light Mummies when using 'bulb' in manual setting, it can take up to 2 mins at an approx 120-180 sec exposure before I can view the shot let alone do anything whilst its in no hurry to proccess. Is this normal folks???

Would love to hear any recomendations from you experienced lot out there.

Its all about read & write speed capabilities of both camera & card

As far as i am aware you can get faster write speeds of CF card, the faster they are the faster your camera can store information on the card BUT one thing to note or find out is how fast your olympus can write data to card as it pointless paying for a more expensive CF card that can save data more quickly if the camera cant write at a similar speed.

Also worth noting that not all DSLR can use or benefit from the newer style UMDA cards

Just a few thing to think about

I know they are more expensive but stick to a known brand from a shop you can trust. You can buy cards on Ebay at what seems like a huge discount but the market is rife with counterfeit cards that are unreliable and dont meet the specs they claim.
Barry has set aside a 55x speed card for you to try in the shop... its not particularly quick but it might give us an idea if its camera or card that is slow... we can aalso probably find a a faster card still for you to try before you buy one....
Cool, cheers guys. I've yet to look through the manual and see if it can give a an idea of the proccessing speed.

I've always held back buying anything electronic form ebay as paul has perfectly discribed. Can't trust most of these powersellers that have a big list of negative feedback.

Just had a look on some SanDisk (thanks Pete) reviews and you definately can't go wrong with them buy the sound of it.
I've got 2 card slots one for CF and the other for the 'out dated famous pain in the rear buy Olympus' XD.
Haven't seen if SanDisk do XD's (shouldn't imagine that they'd get involved with XD) be great if they did.

Cheers Hamish, I'll pop and see Barry this week, might have to be saturday as I'm back in work Monday (Joy).
Great to know I can try before I buy. Thanks for the help folks, much appreciated :) :)
If I remember correctly CF has its own data buffer in the card, hence the speed being more of an issue. Other cards are just memory and rely on the camera's buffer. DPreview reviews are comprehensive, they might tell you what the write speed is of the camera for either type of card. This might give you some idea of the camera's capabilities.