Broken Olympus - Please Help

Robert L. Bishop

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Sorry I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, so I apologies now if it's not in the correct place.

I am currently showing my girlfriend a few things about photography and have managed to convert her to film. I bought her a Olympus OM10 (not as good as the Nikon FM, but still a great little film camera), which seems to be broken! The winder seems to be jammed and won't wind on! I have tryed pressing the trigger but it doesn't release to shutter.

Has anyone experienced this before, either with this model camera or another film camera?

Please help, I don't want her to go back to digital, and I don't like her that much to let her use my FM ;-) (that's a joke for those of you that don't know me)
Sounds like dug batteries mate ...
I don't know the om10 well enough to be certain, but it would be the first thing I'd check?
Yes and to you .... Oh we did have a jolly round here ... We missed ya man!

Yes in some cameras the shutter mech is battery powered so once fired it stays open, or at least in a position that doesn't allow it be re-cocked ... At least I think that's what happens ... And I'm almost certain some of the olympus are like that!
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Cheers for the advise mate.

Barry - Happy new year to mate. I will pop it in over the weekend if you're about