Darren Turner


i visited Morocco earlier this year, i was astounded at the severe lack of hygiene standards, this image shows the meat hanging around, not refrigerated, in 30 degree heat in a very busy dusty street.....!!

I was really wary of eating after seeing this as you can imagine........:D
Its fine, just needs cooking hot, or for a while... Isn't morocan food quite curry/stewy...
Anyway in this sheltered environment we westerners live in we spend far to much time worrying about that sorta thing... All we are really doing is stunting our immune systems ... You need a bit of grime in ya life I reckon
Of course that all said, I would be the same and watch what I eat, I'm a westerner with a stunted immune system ;)
First time I went to Iran I was really ill for a few days. It was obviously from something that I had eaten. However ever since that time I have never been sick from something I have eaten and its been over 4 years now. If I have anything a bit dodgy I get the odd tummy ache and bad wind but that's it. So it would seem that our immune systems can cope but what we consider to be the more advanced countries we don't expose ourselves to enough bugs for us to develop enough resistance.