Cardiff Bay

Laurie Parker

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(Above) The Pierhead building in Cardiff Bay is the large terracota building


(Above) The Seafarers Monument pointing the direction to the Pierhead Building
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Pierhead building and Senedd

The Pierhead building at cardiff bay with the Senedd, showing two very different styles and dates of architecture in the bay area, whilst the Senedd has a lot of greys from the welsh slate the Pierhead has an exterior of red terracota
Lovely building and three good captures - all the usual contrast and detail we've come to expect. Awful bit of planning to let those two buildings come so close to each other. (In my opinion, anyway).
The place is crazy with its architecture Grez in the first photo that massive golden bronze coloured building on the top right is the millenium centre which looks totally alien compared to the rest, and when the sun hits that building you need shades its a nightmare lol
Yep part of it was filmed behind the Pierhead building, in the plaza, got some here of the millennium waterfall which in the programme led to the lift down to Torchwoods place