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I recently went back to the motherland...Ireland.

And one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, was to get back on the plane to England. Outside of some exceptional mates, I realised I have nothing here now.
I am also afraid of flying (in airliners, although I have taken pilot flying lessons!)
Just before cruise altitude I had to occupy myself and my camera was close to hand , I snapped away to take my mind of things. I also didn't take my allocated seat (23c) on this flight because I normally ask for 24A and didn't get it, so I sat at the back in the empty seats on my own.

I intenionally didn't meter for the sky outside as I liked the idea of a brighter outside...something I couldn't focus on...and even though I knew we were landing into VERY bad weather, I enjoyed the escapism and snapped away 36,500ft (7 miles) high.


I know this is a boring Pic, but to me it has so much significance...and in a way; I wish I was never there to take the pic, if you know what I mean :(
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I know Pete, tell me about planes I hate the bloody things. Whats worse is when you travelling for work and get home only to have to get on another bloody plane to go on holiday almost immediately after! I seem to spend my time trying to work out how I can deal with the bloody boredom. Taking photos could be the answer! Although I'd imagine I'd get told off with all that increase security crap, it's probably not allowed anymore.