Couple of F8creates web sites for your delectation

I like them both actually, I got a bit bored with the uhes one and didn't really read it much, but that's not your fault it's just not a subject that interests me. I did like the nice clean feel of the site to suite the products on offer and it was easy to navigate around, even though I don't know what I'm looking at. If someone had told me to buy Neat speakers and directed me to this site I would have no trouble navigating to their tab/page and reading the blurb.

My only small point would be the contact details are not clearly signposted, there is a tab for Ultimate, but you have to scroll down the page to find them. I know it's no big deal or hardship to do this,but some lazy people like me may not do it........Bloody'ell!!! I just double checked to make sure I hadn't missed it elsewhere and clicked on the used/demo tab, are them prices for real? how can they possibly justify £15,000? it's cheaper to fly around the world and see live music in every country. I spat tea all over my monitor when I saw that......anyway back to what I was saying.... did you consider mouse roll over for the product images with a mouse click to scroll through rather then have them roll over every few seconds, I did see the image number buttons. I was just wondering.
All in all I like that site basically.there a typo on one page BTW.

Boxcar productions I like also, the site suites the image the company is trying to get across, old school values, creative thinking etc I like the simple fact that the remote is wired rather then wireless and it's also not done as a powerpoint but as an old fashion slideshow. Some of the text reminded me of the Innocence style of branding which gives the company an approachable feel. Although I realise this is not aimed at your typical consumer it will appeal to the type of person it's aimed at.One minor point (come on you knew there had to be one:) ) did you have to use Regan from the Exorcist in the Anout Us slide? :)

Anyone know how to remove tea from a monitor?
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Vic, the big speakers on the Adam (highest end) page are £36000 ... This is not heard of in the world of hifi... I have the little ones in the middle ... Rrp £4800... Although don't get me wrong I paid a lot less than that...and it's not bad concidering they are 4 drivers and 4 amps in 2 boxes... I will travel the world listening to music... But ending a day, coming home and listening to music on them is a daily saviour of my sanity!

As for the comments, the links innthe left should draw the user to the apropriate part of te site... Can you indulge menwith a little more info on how you found it difficult to get to contact details

Boxcar; because of her odd neck?

Glad the overall opinion is positive, we are mostly proud of them... But feedback from unconnected people is my goal in posting this ...
Ha! forget the Contact Us comment, found the link now. That's me being lazy again.

I don't know about others and I would imagine it to happen to the older people amongst us, but I some times just miss things on web pages even after looking for them. Maybe it's the way I read in general, just scan rather then take my time.

£36,000 for a pair of speaker is just madness even if that is RRP (which is generally a made up number). I realise that the quality of the sound is no doubt A1 ( well it should be), but that's an awful lot of money. I would love to see a break down of the production cost's of these items. I don't even like the aesthetics of the highest end ones. I'm so pleased I'm not into HiFi the wife would kill me!
Blimey, I'd forgotten I posted this... Red wine...
Paul, The brief was come come up with an interesting way of presenting the company without useing any past work as examples... The industry they work in is vast, as he says, everything from huge exhibitions to things in people gardens
The head honcho is a member of the forum as it goes... Although he has yet to post anything ...
He's a really good photographer .. Although seems a little shy about sharing it with the world ... Dylan... You out there?
Vic, I might get a few more people to look at the site with it in mind to get feedback on what you have pointed out..
Hifi is a dangerous hobby to get into... The is a widely accepted idea that as soon as you realise the potential of good kit, you go on the search for your own personal nirvana ... The problem is, not everyone likes the same kit, nor does all kit sound the same in every room. There is also a divide between the scientific hifi community (objectavists) who in their extreems basically don't belive in anything that can't be measured and at the oposite end of the scale the subjectivists; the people who just trust thier ears.
Now because there are people out there who take advantage of the subjectivists by applying psuedo science to products and putting a high price on them... A lot of friction happens... Especially within hifi forums ...
I concider my self a sensible subjectavist ... I buy hifi with my ears, but I'm sceptical of claims that this cable or that cable rearranges the transcendental opacity of the electrons etc... (I just made that up... But that's the sort of bs you can read)...
It's a fun hobby... But I am pretty much happy with my hifi now... And am not willing to spend more money... So I have pretty much ducked out of the hifi convos on the hifi forum I'm a member of ...
I bit of light reading... An attack at one of the most highly regarded and perhaps most controversial hifi manufactures ... This is the sorta crap that gets thrown about... I just think it's funny ... I kinda feel sorry or the guy that he hasn't realised that a: no one realy gives a **** and b:it doesn't really matter anyway... :)
Hi Hamish, The fact that there is no examples of previous work certainly does stand out but as you say it was part of the brief so intentional. It might just be that for what I do at work it is important to see the quality of the product and a measure of its effiacy. Boxcar supply a service which is less tangiable and more transient so I guess the marketing is handled in a different way. By the way I like the F8 Creates site and I showed it to a few guys in work who liked it too. Not sure about the dodgy looking guy on the right hand side of the home page though.